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Headshot 2024
Erin Reynolds Bornstein

Senior Footwear Designer, Founder

Hi, I'm Erin. 👋🏻 I bring extensive experience as a Design Leader specializing in both Men’s and Women’s footwear design. With extensive global travel experience, I have a unique insight into consumer behaviors and trends. This allows me to craft products that not only meet market demands but exceed expectations. My strength lies in translating brand identities into captivating designs that drive sales.


Collaboration is key for me; I ensure that product assortments are cohesive and aligned with business goals. Throughout my career, I've led strategic initiatives, adhered to tight timelines, and managed budgets effectively. I thrive in managing remote teams and am passionate about mentoring others for their professional growth.

I'm not just a footwear designer, but a visionary who brings concepts to life. Success isn't something I wait for; I relentlessly pursue it with unwavering commitment to excellence. Innovation drives me forward, creativity fuels my passion, and the quest for the perfect product keeps me on my toes.

My design philosophy is about striking a harmonious balance where tradition meets innovation, and comfort blends seamlessly with style.

Ready to collaborate? Let's connect and create the next big shoe sensation together. 🤝

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