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Erin Bornstein

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Jackie Lindstedt

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Erin Bornstein and Jackie Lindstedt are leading the charge in revolutionizing footwear, step by step. Together, they've combined forces to introduce a fresh collection to the market, showcasing premium designs by Erin Bornstein alongside Jax & Bard's signature on demand manufacturing process. This collaboration is ignited by a shared passion for innovation, sustainability, and empowering fellow women entrepreneurs.


Our mission is simple yet revolutionary: to redefine the way shoes are created and brought to market. We're pioneers in exploring less traditional methods, focusing on on-demand production to minimize waste and maximize sustainability. With our modular design approach, we offer endless possibilities, allowing you to customize your footwear like never before.


Welcome to a world where every shoe is a canvas for self-expression. We believe in giving you the freedom to design your own footwear magic, tailored to your unique style and preferences. Join us on this journey where creativity knows no bounds, and together, let's walk towards a future where sustainability and style go hand in hand.

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