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At ReBorn Designs, we provide creative direction, footwear design, and innovation. We create purposeful design with style, function, and efficiency in mind. 

  • Footwear Design
    ReBorn Designs works with both individuals and large companies to reimagine their designs and reach optimal potential. Our work includes the following Footwear Design services as well as Graphic Design services: ​​ Footwear Design: Concept Sketches, Construction Techniques, Material & Color Selection, Tech Packs Graphic Design​: Print Design, Mood & Trend Boards, Templating, Powerpoint Presentations, Keynote Presentations, Branding​ & Logo Design
  • Product Innovation
    We develop innovative platforms to differentiate your product in the market place. Through design and functional guildines, we can create proprietary platforms that give you an edge over your competitor.
  • Creative Direction
    By using trend research and consumer insights, we apply visual communication that speaks to the audience by articulating the companies culture, style, and philosophy to improve awareness to make a strong and meaningful connection. Our creative services include the following: ​​ Story Telling Consumer Insights Design Briefs Product Stories​​​​ Trend Mapping
  • Consulting
    We believe in focused design through thoughtful processes, allowing for a greater focus on the details that matter. Please reach out to us to ask us about our consulting services to perfect your design process and improve efficiencies. Our services include the following: Footwear Design Consulting Product Refinement Design Standardization Branding Protocols File Templating and Organization
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